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Our Hot tubs compliment an outdoor space, allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience of outdoor bathing.

Imagine sitting back in a steaming wood fired hot tub and savouring the nights sky and the crackle of a log fire and sharing the experience with family and friends. Our tub is kind on the environment and on your skin with only a small amount of chemical (by law), thoroughly great for well-being. As the hot tub is heated by the fire the only noise you will hear is the occasional crackle of wood burning which adds to the natural ambience of bathing in a wood fired hot tub.

How quickly will the water heat up?

Family hot tub 2 hours, 2 person hot tub 40 mins in summer and 1.5 hours in colder temperatures.

Can I control the temperature?

Yes! There is a thermometer to enable you to monitor the water temperature, once the water is hot enough (do not exceed over 37C) you can close the air intake on the stove and the fire will die down and stop heating the water.

How frequently is the water changed?

The hot tub is designed to provide you with a natural bathing experience and there are no noisy filter systems, the water is therefore changed every 2 days.