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Important information

Before confirming your booking at Pasturewood Holiday’s please take the time to read the information below. It includes vital information regarding cancellation policies and the amenities and services available at the Site, which will assist you with planning your holiday.

If you have any other queries regarding your stay please contact Pasturewood Holiday’s directly on 07898282615 or email

Booking Terms and Conditions for Pasturewood HOLIDAYS


The guest booking the stay must be 18 years of age or over. There must be at least one adult aged 18 or over staying in each pod. We are taking bookings of up to three pods together. We are not currently taking any bookings for four or more pods. Any group booking of four or more pods (even if booked by different families staying in separate pods) will be cancelled. If you’re not sure about this, please contact us by email BEFORE booking. If we have to cancel your stay because you’ve booked to stay as a group in four or more pods without prior discussion, we will refund any payments made and a £25 administration fee will be charged. Pasturewood Holidays gift vouchers are non-refundable and we do not permit any persons to sell or trade our vouchers. All our prices are inclusive of VAT and we reserve the right to change our prices at any time.


To secure your booking a non-refundable deposit of 50% payment is required at the time of booking; either via our website or telephone. We do not accept provisional bookings so please do not make a booking unless you are in the position to honour it. Full payment is required at the time of booking if your stay is less than 21 days away. The remaining balance must be paid in full at least 21 days prior to your arrival. You will receive an email with the payment link a few days before the balance is due. If the balance is not paid by the due date, Pasturewood Holidays reserve the right to re-let the pod and retain the deposit. It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure any remaining balance is paid by the due date.


In the event of cancellations or no-shows we do not offer any (either full or partial) refund. However, if more than 14 days notice is given we may, at our discretion, offer an alternative date suitable to you only if we have the availability to do so (please note – we will only reschedule your booking once). There will be a administration fee of £12 for a change of date. In the event of a cancellation of your booking by Pasturewood Holidays for any health and safety or quality related issues e.g. disruption to water or electricity etc. you are entitled to a full refund of the money you have paid or you can reschedule your booking to alternative dates (subject to availability). In the event of Pasturewood Holidays being forced to close due to Covid 19 lockdown you will be prompted to reschedule to alternative dates as no refunds will be issued.


Typical ‘Force Majeure’ events include, but are not limited to, pandemic, terrorism, serious crime, natural disaster, ‘Act of God’, government or public authority action or intervention, law, and travel restrictions. If we are unable to offer accommodation due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not liable for refunds or expenses incurred. We recommend that you have adequate UK holiday insurance in place to cover this. This means if we are prevented, hindered, or delayed from performing our obligations due to an event outside our control, including any action or order from the government, we will be relieved of our obligations. In the event of this happening, we will offer guests the opportunity to change the dates of their stay. We will not offer refunds.


If you cannot honor your booking due to any Covid 19 related issues we can guarantee that you will have 12 months to reschedule to a safer date. We do not offer refunds but the lengthy time frame to reschedule means you will not lose your booking.


We strongly advise you to take out the appropriate levels of travel insurance so you can have peace of mind that your costs will be covered, should you need to cancel your holiday for any reason.


Please note all damages and breakages must be paid for. We reserve the right to charged the card used for booking payment, without prior notification. It is important you let us know during your stay if there are any damages so we are aware so we can assess the problem. Any items left behind in our pods must be claimed within two weeks from your departure. If relevant, postage and packaging charges for the return of the goods will apply.


A charge may occur if your luxury glamping pod is left in an unsatisfactory state. Guests are NOT permitted to remove any of the luxury glamping pods provided furniture. Please ensure you leave your luxury glamping pod in a clean and tidy state. Pasturewood Holidays reserve the right to enter and inspect the pods at any time. If a pod is left in an unsatisfactory condition, we reserve the right to charge the card used for booking payment.


Smoking is strictly forbidden in all pods. You can smoke outside your pod as long as all stumps are cleaned up from patio area, gravel and grass areas. Guests that fail to do this will be charged a cleaning fee (which will be taken from the card used to pay for your stay).


We have Zero drug policy. Any users found in possession of drugs or attempting to consume drugs will be asked to leave the premisses immediately. No refunds will be given and police / security staff will be notified. Guests consuming alcohol must be over the age of 18 years (proof of age may be asked). Any guests using antisocial behaviour will be asked to leave. No refunds will be given and police / security staff may be notified.


BBQ’s must not be placed on picnic benches or grass areas. BBQ’s must never be taken into buildings for safety reasons. BBQ’s and fire pits must be kept a safe distance away from the pods and supervised by a responsible adult at all times. These are set up outside of your pod by a member of staff in the designated area a safe distance away from your pod (BBQ’s and Fire Pits must not be moved from the designated area). Only Pasturewood Holidays BBQ’s allowed on site, which can be purchased from site. Only Pasturewood Holidays firepits allowed on site, which can be purchased from site. Only timber supplied by us can be used. You are NOT permitted to bring your own firepit – any guest fire pits will be confiscated immediately. Chinese Lanterns are strictly prohibited


The BBQ House can only be booked by guest’s staying on the family park. This service can only be booked by a responsible adult and children must be supervised at all times.


We will only accept well behaved dogs and a maximum of two dogs per pod. We have three dog friendly pods at one end of the park (Saddleback View, Bowscale View and Carrock View). All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. You must never leave you dog unattended at any time and must never leave them unattended in the pods at any time too.


We allow group bookings of no more than three pods! No group bookings allowed in the ‘Quiet Pasture’. Noise levels must be kept to a minimum and you must respect other guests that are staying on the site at all times.


All guests can check in from 3pm and check out is 10am prompt (unless other arrangements have been made). Please note – we are unable to accept check ins after 10pm. When you arrive, please park you vehicle at your booked pod and check in at the reception down at the house, where you will collect your key. On the day of departure please check out at reception no later than 10am prompt. If you are checking out earlier than reception hours (9am) please leave your key under the plant pot on the step of your pod where a member of staff will collect it.


We love our animals and hope that you will love them too. Spring is a busy time of year for us with lambing time. This is one of our favourites times of year where our guests can pet the new lambs and have a go at bottle feeding. It is very important to wash your hands after being in contact with our livestock. We have hand sanitiser dispensers dotted around the park and one especially in front of our goat pen. Please make use of these to keep yourself and others around you safe! At certain times of the year important jobs need to be carried out in the surrounding fields to the park, such as muck spreading and harvesting silage which come with noise and smells. This is a process that needs to be done in order to look after and feed our animals (and it’s actually fun to watch). As a working small holding in the surrounding fields, sorry but complete silence cannot be guaranteed!


Only glamping guests will be allowed onto the site, visiting family and friends will not be allowed to enter the site and will be asked to leave unless prior arrangement with Pasturewood Holidays.


We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to your car or associated property whilst on Pasturewood Holidays site, except where such loss or damage has arisen as a result of our negligence or a breach of our duty to you.


Guests staying in the pods with their own private wood fired hot tubs must read and adhere to the safety rules and user instructions. As we only operate wood fired hot tubs, guests must take extra care as surfaces and chimneys are VERY HOT.

hot tub safety rules

  • Guests with heart disease, high or low blood pressure, any serious illness or who are pregnant, should not use the hot tub without consulting their doctor first.

  • Guests with skin, ear, genital or other body infections should not use the hot tub to avoid spreading infection.

  • It is advised that children under the age of 8 years should not use the hot tubs. Children must be supervised at all times when in and around the hot tub.

  • Be aware that the heat of the water can speed up the effects of alcohol.

  • Do not immerse your head in the water as it increased the risk of infection (and you could drown).

  • Do not use electric appliances near the water to avoid electric shocks.

  • Do not use any contaminants such as bubble bath, oils etc. in the water.

  • The chimney is protected by a guard, and you should not make any attempt to touch the guard or chimney whilst the burner is lit. The burner door may also be hot and should be opened using the insulated handle.

  • Do not use the hot tub after a heavy meal or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or sedatives.

  • We have zero drug policy. Any users found in possession of drugs or attempting to consume drugs will be asked to leave the hot tub and premisses immediately. No refunds will be given and police / security staff will be notified.

  • hot tub user instructions

  • All bathers must take a shower before using the hot tub to remove any lotions, deodorants, creams etc.

  • Bathers must not wear oils or fake tans in the hot tub.

  • Bathers must use the toilet before entering the hot tub.

  • Children should spend no longer that 15 mins in the hot tub.

  • Children who are unable to keep their faces out of the water must not use the hot tub.

  • All children under the age of 16 years using the hot tub must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

  • Do not use the tub if you are highly intoxicated or under the influence of sedatives.

  • Take regular breaks when bathing to avoid overheating and dehydration.

  • Drink plenty to avoid dehydration.

  • Depending on the water temperature, it is advised that you should not stay immersed in the hot water for longer that 15 mins per 1 hour.

  • Please replace the lid after use.

  • Never allow the water temperature to go over 40 degrees (37 degrees for children).

  • Please do not eat food, smoke or use candles in the hot tub.

  • Please do not jump or dive in the hot tub.

  • Take care when entering and leaving the hot tub, surfaces may be slippery when wet.

  • Please do not sit or stand on the lid of the hot tub.

  • Please do not use glass wear in the hot tub, plastic glasses are supplied. These are not disposable and should be washed by hand.

  • Please keep noise levels to a minimum after 10pm for the respect of other guests.

  • Brush any mud or grass off your feet before entering the water.

  • You use the hot tub at your own risk.

  • We cannot be held responsible for your safety whilst you are using the hot tub.

  • You will be held responsible for any damage and any costs involved will be taken from your credit/debit card.


We take all comments from guests seriously and in the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint you can contact us by telephone or email and we will respond. We will try to resolve any issues as soon as possible.


We expect all our Visitors to respect and look after the Site. We also require you to respect your fellow visitors, owners of the site and neighbouring premises and keep noise levels to a minimum after 10.00pm-7am. Parents are responsible for their children, as such children must be supervised at all times. The pods are sited in a quiet field surrounded by fields containing livestock. We provide plenty of areas within the pod site for children to play. Please ensure that children don’t climb on any fences surrounding the site or enter the fields containing livestock.